Tous nos globesitters sont multilingues, expérimentés et fiables.

Ils feront de leur mieux pour faire vivre à vos enfants une expérience qui rendra leur voyage encore plus enrichissant!

Chloé, 20

Parle: anglais, espagnol et français

Hello, I'm Chloé I'm 20 years old! I am French, Ecuadorian and British. I am studying Business Management In France. I have been babysitting for 5 years and I have a good experience with kids! I'm available in the afternoon and evening to keep your little ones. I will be more than happy to share a moment with them!

Jeanne, 18

Parle: anglais, espagnol et français

Hello, my name is Jeanne, I'm 18 years old and I have already worked with several families as a babysitter or a spanish teacher. I'm a patient and honest person, I love playing with kids, invent new games... I believe that trust is the more important thing, and I will do averything that I can to take care of your children in the very best way!

Thibault, 19

Parle: anglais, espagnol et français

Hello, my name is Thibault, I'm 19 years old, and I'm currently studying to become an engineer. I'm responsible, serious and very patient. I've already keep children such as my little sister and some children of my parent's friends. I love playing with kids and spend time with them doing fun together. I will be happy to take care of your little ones 

Clara, 19

Parle: anglais et français

Hello, I'm Clara,19 years old, I'm French and British. I've gone to international shcool and I am currently studying psychology. I am the oldest of three siblings so I have always been around kids and worked as a babysitter for the last couple of years. I am responsible and energetic. I enjoy playing with kids, baking with them, and doing art projects...

Océane, 24

Parle: anglais et français

Hi! I'm Océane. I'm half French, half English and have spent more than 10 years looking after children. I love thinking of fun activities to keep your children happy and entertained!

Maité, 25

Parle: espagnol, anglais et français

Hi, my name is Maité, I'm spanish and I'm currently studying in Paris on PhD in didactics of foreign languages. I have more than 5 years experience taking care of kids, so you can go out an enjoy Paris knowing that your kids are happy and safe with me! 

Mathilde, 19

Parle: anglais, espagnol et français

Hi, my name is Mathilde, I'm 19 years old and I'm studying Arts and Crafts. I’m babysitting for almost 2 years. I love to be with kids and make sure they have a lovely time as well. I like to draw, to do outside activities, to bake with the kids, to read and teach them new things and to make sure they will enjoy their time. 

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